Dietary Changes

The key here is consuming an anti-inflammatory diet. Foods which add to your inflammation include processed and packaged foods, white flour, added sugars, and dairy. You can include foods that contain high amounts of a natural anti-inflammatory(omega-3) including all fish(wild caught that this), walnuts, chia seeds, spinach, flaxseed to name a few. Also, go grass-fed. Quality meats are shown to offer more of these essential nutrients.

Omega 3

Like all nutrients the body needs a balance of Omega vitamins. If you notice on your fish oil labels supplements for Omega typically come as a blend of 3-6-9. The least commonly consumed but the most important of these is Omega 3(hint hint to the specifically chosen recommended foods above) Omega 3 acts as an anti inflammatory in the body, great for alleviating discomfort associated with Arthritis. You can take Omega 3 as a supplement but you have to confirm its source and quality. The same goes for ALL vitamins, nutrients and minerals that you consume! offers a free health assessment quiz and can recommend the highest quality of customized vitamins without fillers or preservatives.

Get Moving!

Arthritis is like rust to your joints and like any mechanical machine rust tends to make things run slow, rigid or not at all. In the human body “rust in the joints” can mean small particles of debris, inhibiting natural and smooth movement at that specific joint. Repercussions of one joint not moving well means other muscles and joints have to work harder and unnaturally in order to still create the same movements day to day such as walking, sitting, standing, typing, driving. Suddenly arthritis in one joint spreads to wide spread pain and lack of mobility. It doesn’t mean start running or start an insane exercise regimen, its about being intentional with movement. Be honest with yourself to meet your body where it’s at because injuring an already traumatized selection of joints is not going to be helpful in the long run. If you need guidance for where to start you know where to find us and are happy to offer initial consult at no charge.

Hydrate Like a Fish

It’s the best source of detox, its actually what 70% of our body is made out of, it is 95% of the fluid that encompasses our joints to keep them happy, healthy and rejuvenating with new nutrients on a daily basis, IT’S WATER! Tea, soda, carbonation doesn’t count, just drink straight up water. If you don’t like the taste companies have made a variety of options BUT make sure to check the label, look at the sugar content and ingredients. It doesn’t make sense to compromise one area of your health for another.