A client/trainer relationship is many things. Is it a love/hate relationship, you hate the “me” during but feel amazing afterward when it comes to exercise. It is a judgment-free friend zone. It is getting a different viewpoint without having to hire a therapist. It is a possibility of finding direction within your own words. It is the difference of being heard.
I love the relationships that have been built with my clients! Every interaction from the initial consultation to each and every session thereon is a confidential and judgment free zone! I learn about the most intimate of details, the insecurities, the hurt and pain but most importantly the growth!
This is what someone should expect when they meet with their trainer. I am incredibly frustrated and disheartened when I hear of a professional writing off the honesty of their client. How dare someone disregard the most precious gift, you may never know the impact you can have on someone. The more honest someone is with me, the more opportunity I have to influence them into a positive direction and make a difference that will best serve the client. Every now and then I may have a client apologize, “Alba, I feel like I’m unloading on you.” Alba, I’m so sorry, I just turned you into my therapist.” “Nonsense,” I tell them! None of this bothers me in the slightest because as far as I’m concerned what it comes down to is basic compassion, love, understanding, and honesty with another human being.
I hear about the issues a mom has with her kids, about the things that worry and keep them up at night; I hear about the lies someone told them years before that significantly has hindered their life, hurt them, kept them from being all they truly were declared to be by God. I feel everything happens for a reason, and that there’s a reason and a season for everything. I may have insight, experience on a particular topic, another client that has shared the same concern. Sometimes just knowing that someone is not alone is all they need! I share what I can as a mother of 2, a wife of nearly 13 years, we’ve made through highs and lows, I personally have experienced my own highs and lows in life practice, in my weight loss journey, it’s about sharing life together.
The clients that were open to sharing their life story with me, that weren’t afraid to share the pain, even if it was through tears, they’re the ones that made a difference! They conquered not only in their own life but found strength within themselves to pass on their unique wisdom. Never be afraid to share your heart with those you trust. You never know where it may take you and where and who it can impact along the way.
As a professional reading this… Never disregard someone’s words, your concern or your gut. Know your limits of when you need to seek intervention by someone better suited in certain circumstances. Be willing to be open about your own boundaries; if it’s too much to handle, say so. Always be kind and NEVER take advantage.