New Year means all the resolutions of making this year different and better the all the years previously. Many of these goals include health and well-being. “I want to eat better” “I want to be fit” “I want to have a healthy lifestyle” but these type of goals written or not are not going to cut it. Try using these questions to assist and guide you in the right direction and setting you up for success!!

Write it down as we go!

What are your goals?

Define each goal.

“I want to eat healthy” >>>What is “healthy” to you?
Name the foods that are on your healthy list to include in your consumption daily and weekly.
What is the opposite of healthy? Give it a name.. Sweets? Write down what sweets. Is honey considered unhealthy to you? For many, No but you need to be the one to determine the specifics as to define for your own accountability.
“Fit” what is fit? Is it weight loss? Is it the capability of a particular activity? And of course, is it realistic?

Determine WHO you will acquire to be a part of your journey.

Do you need to hire a personal chef? Do you need to hire a nutrition coach to help you create new habits? Do you need to buy premade healthy meals? Do you need to hire a personal trainer? Who will be your accountability partner? (HINT: It cannot be someone with the same problem as you, otherwise you will have the simple ability to excuse each other. That doesn’t work!) Workout partner? Will they challenge you?

Group discussion.

WHO do you need to INCLUDE in your goals. Family members especially. Its really hard to eat well if your husband keeps bringing home your favorite dessert treats without knowledge of your goals. Get your family on board! Go as far as to make verbal and written agreements to each other; excellent if you have a family white board with weekly family plans.
Make a plan by not leaving it up for chance. That means PUT IT IN YOUR CALENDAR. If you need to reschedule it due to work or family needs, do exactly that. Just as you would for any work-related meeting or doctors appt. Make yourself a priority, schedule your YOU time.

Determine your WHY.

Many people do this first and if you read this and still did this first, great, but also reconsider through this based on your goals.
What will it mean for you when you get there?
What will determine when you’ve arrived and the goal is met? Be very clear here. “Feel better” is too vague and you’ll be left never feeling achieved even though you’ve had adequate progress.

Track it. (HINT: they have an app for that!)

Track activity, food log, water intake and specific unrelated goals using various apps. Most all of them are also free with upgrade purchase options.)
Before and after pictures, food log, checklist, measurements, fitness tests are other options as well.
Make sure each step in your process is realistic for your life as a mom, wife, business person and human being.
Give yourself some grace when you make mistakes but recognize them and learn from them.
Remember, ALL OF THIS should be fitting as a lifestyle change, not a challenge.

Ask for help when you need it.

I also set up worksheets to assist with these goal setting practices! They’re available within our private group page on Facebook, “Love & Support with Trainer In PINK” This group is currently free to join, just send a request! It is possible in the future that only clients will be eligible to join so take advantage now!