The common belief is that the average person gains 5-10lbs from October to January during the holiday season. Long term studies show the average person gains only about 1 pound, BUT that they gain that pound and never lose it. So year after year they battle each previous year when it comes time for resolutions.

Don’t let the false normality of weight gain during the holiday’s trick your mind into thinking “it’s ok”.

Prepare Your Body for the Season by Boosting Your Immune System

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Choose your splurge days ahead of time. A little bit here and a little bit there will harm you much more than a single evening of indulgences. When you try the moderation route but use it every day for a week then you’re also fighting the habit you just made, making it harder to stop.

Stay Active

The cold may make us want to cuddle up in bed all day and stay warm, but movement is essential for our health. Besides, a workout is the best internal heat source you could possibly have! The best practice is to schedule it, use an accountability partner, or a trainer that will keep you going when you don’t want to. At minimum, even light movement and stretches each day are possible in a busy holiday facade. Commit to a few minutes each day, schedule true workout days, and remember You’ll only reach the fitness goals that you actively work toward!

Plan Your Travels

Make your snacks. Have a plan to stay active and hydrated. Stop to stretch and walk around in between driving and flights. Boost your immunity with supplementation, essential oils and healthy eating.

Wash Your Hands

PSA: People are sick during winter months; just make it a habit, decreasing your risk of infection by 16-50%. It’ll be worth it.

Manage Your Stress

In order to be successful at this you first must know what it is that stresses you. Is it the pressure of family events, financial responsibilities, family drama? (We all have those lol) First of all, stress will only get to you if you let it. Have a game plan for dealing with your stress triggers. It might be, knowing when to say no, having a positive response to a negative situation already decided on, or some practiced deep breathing. Make your holiday season equally about you too!

Don’t Confuse Dehydration for Hunger

People who get the munchies in the later hours of the evening are normally not hungry at all but dehydrated. Constipation, known to be at a higher rate during winter months, also has a leading cause, dehydration. During the winter months people experience less thirst as the hot summer months have passed. Interesting how those all happen together. Love your H2O!

Slow Down

Life can become a whirlwind when it comes to activities, holiday shopping, and visiting family, just to name a few. What you need to do it purposefully slow down, take your time, and then feel good about it. You don’t have to rush everywhere you go. Everything WILL get done. Find peace in the things that used to stress you out. Drive slower and be courteous on the roads.

Watch your Alcohol Intake

Plan ahead how much you want to drink for a particular gathering. During that week plan on hydrating more than usual so it hurts less the next day. Balance the alcohol and water intake. Remember to also take into consideration the type of drink you consume. Sugary mixed drinks, wine, and whiskey are not created equally.

Practice Self Control

Surprisingly a lot of those treats do not taste as good as they look. Don’t keep eating just to be polite, AND don’t overestimate the calories burned while shopping. If you’re going to be making yourself a resolution come New Years, you might as well start practicing. No sense in making your goals harder on yourself.