God has never been too busy for us, so never allow yourself to become too busy for him.

Throughout scripture God talks about our bodies being a temple, a gift for which he asks us to take care of it. He describes the body as one and the same with the church and the roles each part plays. We seek Him usually at our worst of times instead of living in his blessing on a daily basis. I wanted to make sure to take the time in addressing the connection that so many discuss but often times leave unexplained which is MIND-BODY-SOUL. They are one. The Mind has the ability to control the other two and what we do with the other two control how each is played out. Interdependent. For example, what approach do you take to exercise? Is it systematic? To better yourself? Or punishment for eating the wrong things? If it’s the latter for instance, your soul certainly can not have a positive response and the body, even if the response were to be positive, it would only be temporary and in the long run would bear a negative result.
As a follower of Christ or not, you’ve probably prayed or sent good vibes for someone who is ill, injured or in need of some form of medical attention. How often is it that you’re thankful for such an event? How powerful could your prayers or good thoughts take you and the person experiencing them if they went beyond the person of which you were praying?

Things to ponder and I’ll give you some of my personal examples.

Every time I pass a car accident, or a first responder with lights and sirens of any kind (fire, police, ambulance) I say a short prayer. Often times I am driving, so my safe method is a touch to my heart and a kiss sent above. God knows my heart, while I can’t always pray aloud my thoughts lean toward the health and safety of those involved, toward divine wisdom and courage to the responders and anyone they may cross along their path, that God will be with the hands of surgeons, that God may protect and provide a barrier most powerful for our officers, that peace may be spread for the families involved. Not everyone is always willing to receive such prayers, but I sure am willing to give it having seen far too many families and friends affected by the hurt in this world. Everything in His will and received by His grace.
God created our body with the ability to heal itself. I will forever be perplexed by the number of people that Don’t believe in the miracle of our creation. The very breath of life is a miracle, the function of living is a miracle, voice, emotion, the ability to see and feel, the exact construction of a man and a woman perfectly designed to fit each other. So many people are amazed by puppies! How do you not look in the mirror and see just as much beauty? Perfectly created. Chosen.
The power of the human mind is nothing without everything. I give examples of this by my corrective exercise and manual therapy clients. If I have a client that doesn’t believe I can help them and were to cringe every time I touch them, nothing would ever get done, because they’re blocked through the mind of believing so. When I have a client that trusts in the process (and sometimes it takes some explanation) that’s when things can change, muscles respond to stimulus, how they use that stimulus is where the miracle of healing can occur.
Be thankful of healing. When I’ve been sick in the past, let’s say a stomach bug or flu, it is important to find thankfulness in it. We live life running, constantly on the move; isn’t it nice to have an opportunity to slow down? It took me many years to be thankful for that. After all, that is the time that I can be making money for bills, getting chores done around the house, running family errands. The truth is that you will NEVER get everything done. There will always be more to do, sometimes we must pause, slow down because otherwise, our body would crash, and sometimes the sickness is the crash, but its an opportunity to recharge where you otherwise wouldn’t have, to rethink the opportunity to think! I seen several amazing women make the greatest creations from a time when they were stuck in a bed.
All this to say, remember you are never too busy to be thankful for the capable body that you’ve been given. Never too busy to be thankful for the children you have (even when they drive you mad). Never too busy to show kindness to another human being.

We’re all in this together.

Find more reason to support. Stop every now and then to admire the beauty in a breeze, the feel of grass under your feet and to feel and experience the beauty of all creation, including yourself.