Look like you know what you’re doing at the gym.
In any weight bearing exercise, make sure to look at your feet first. Your foundation should be aligned before you get moving. Start from the bottom and work your way up(feet to head). Make sure all parts are facing in the direction you’re facing and/or all parts facing in the direction you desire to move.

Move with intention.

Ever notice that YouTube Fail compilations are full of erratic movements. Exercises should never be based off momentum. Control every movement as if it is done on purpose.

If you don’t know how to use it, ask.

FYI Pinterest is not a good source of exercise choice. It’s full of non-qualified individuals that are trying to come up with something creative but in reality make no sense. If you’re at a corporate gym you should be able to find someone that can assist you with equipment adjustments. If you’re reading this you probably also know a Trainer… Trainer In PINK to be specific that will gladly help you out!


It’s a pretty important part of life. Even more so to proper muscle efficiency and injury protection during a workout. EXhale with EXertion. At no point should you hold you breathe during an exercise, grunting is only a partial exhale and doesn’t count, just breathe.

Don’t wear makeup.

It looks like you don’t belong, plus it clogs up your pores. DO however dress in workout clothes that will motivate you! It could be a loose T that says something awesome or a color matching outfit that looks like a magazine clipping.

<3 Trainer In PINK