An elliptical is a common recommendation for people with varying joint issues that may worsen with repetitive impact. People that chose an elliptical typically have a desire for ongoing movement and exercise in hopes of weight loss, and regaining of strength in the lower body. Some say I need cardio!
So here’s the deal! While an elliptical works well for ongoing movement, for joint pain their are other exercises that can offer the same heart rate while strengthening the joint into recovery. I can honestly say I have never used an elliptical in part of my programming for someone in recovery so I cant recommend it as a re-training protocol. For those of you that don’t “need” an elliptical but perhaps hate the treadmill and are using it for “cardio” or “weight loss” Stop. This ongoing linear movement is expending your energy, leaving you unable to fulfill other fitness avenues to its full potential. Somewhere along the way individuals pursuing fitness have placed it in their minds to do
20 min cardio
40 min weights
Or 30:30, 45:45
It unnecessary! If that ratio gets you to walk into the gym or room designated to your healthy lifestyle in your home, great! I would recommend a different path and here’s why…
For those with weight loss goals.
There are 168 hours in a week, lets say you workout Monday/Wednesday/Friday, a fine start! Those 3 hours are not going to outdo the remaining 165 hours so here’s the trick. Muscle! Muscle burns 5-7 calories at rest per minute. Fat burns 2. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn at rest, the more weight you will lose. So stop wasting hours on an elliptical and start lifting. You wont bulk unless your lifting very heavy so don’t have fear there. WHAT WILL HAPPEN is as you lose that fat, you’ll have these beautifully toned muscles waiting to be revealed!