When social media meets food! Pinterest is a great place to follow friends or public figures that are committed to healthy eating or healthy adjustments to not so healthy foods. You can store all the recipes you find and love in one place and it’s completely free. Organize your recipes by any category you could possibly want, it’s your board, make it how you want! The only downfall is a lot of websites that include a lot of ads.


You know those videos that spread around on Facebook and Instagram of very simple and tasty looking meals, snacks, and desserts… It’s the same people! They created an app with all of their recipes. You can search recipes, create a list, tag your favorites, and print them all from this app. Very user friendly! The only small downfall, the recipes are not stored within the app, so you still need the internet to access them. The websites do seem to have fewer ads than other options.

Eat This Much

If you want the app to tell you what to eat. This app combines meal planning your whole day and recipes. You can do this by asking the app to generate your meal plan. The app will estimate how long it will take each meal to be prepared, breaks down your macros, and gives instruction for very simple meal options. You can also Like, Dislike and Favorite any of the recipes and meals. The app may take a little learning to navigate but not challenging once you know how to work it.

Food Network

When you google search recipes the food network is usually one of the top options that come up. What I enjoy about this app is your ability to search. You can type an ingredient and it’ll populate possible recipes. All of these recipes have a rating of others that have tried these recipes themselves so you have another that has to prove it will come out as it promised. Many of these recipes also have a video available with step by step instruction as well. From the app, you can also take classes on food items and watch episodes from the Food Network.

Now get in that kitchen and make something delicious!