Step 1
My mentor once said that if you’re a good trainer you should be losing count! Think about it. A trainer is not your babysitter nor rep counter, they’re there to teach you something; and so, their concentration is not what rep you’re on but your technique, your alignment, your breath, your tempo, that muscle contraction is happening in appropriate sequence for the exercise to be effective. Count is the least of concern. If nothing else, our inability to count proves as a great service to our clients.. 9.. wait that was 13.. excellent give me 2 more!
Step 2
Hands on. Some people feel uncomfortable with the idea of someone touching us as all, forget being all sweaty and gross on top of it. First, it’s our job. I hug sweaty people all day from clients that I am so very proud of! Hands are easy and very washable. A physical cue is usually the BEST source of confirmation and confidence in performing an exercise correctly. The client and trainer can feel that the correct muscles are contracting to create desired movement. Can you imagine trying to coach a scapula to pull in, downward into rotation and back via verbal cue when the body is compensating out of those positions. A quick touch, “use this” and done! When a trainer is seasoned in being hands-on with their clients, there is nothing awkward about it but instead you find confidence, trust, and comfort.
Step 3
For some reason this comes into question and that is changing it up. The truth is you have to change it up in a specific pattern relative to a persons goals. For instance, if a person very simply wants bigger biceps, you’re going to have to complete bicep exercises repeatedly, otherwise it can not happen. How a muscle is challenged with a different apparatus, direction, tempo, resistance and many more all play a part. It is important to continually challenge the body as to not fall into a rut routine and no progression. Besides exercise should be fun, challenging fun that you sometimes despise in the moment but fun! 😉
Step 4
Give you something you can not do. But just once! Just enough to realize “crap I cant do that” followed with the motivation of “but I will in a just a few short weeks” This I feel gets taken advantage of in a negative manner that is disempowering and sometimes downright disgusting. I hear the stories yall. ‘This trainer had me do this, watched me fail at it over and over again and then said see, this is why you need me.’ Thats just horrible! And NOT AT ALL what I’m talking about. I’m referring to the movements and exercises that you know someone is very close to achieving and this challenge may vary person to person. Someone new may not be ready for this challenge because they’ve already been torn down by themselves or society based on what they think they should be capable of doing. BUT once you’ve conditioned a person to realize that they truly can accomplish their goals, you keep giving them more! New goals, things to accomplish, that as the trainer know exactly what needs to be done to make that movement happen for a client. It’s those short goals that really matter. One day it was hard or didn’t seem possible, now it’s in passing and easy, time to step it up! Results are always the best form of motivation!
Step 5
Every single trainer out there should be taking a full medical history but only a FRACTION do! This drives me nuts. Do you think you’d be giving this person jump squats if you knew that they have a 3mm bulging disc, a previously torn meniscus and ACL with a history of frequent head aches and 40lbs over weight. I just made that up, but geez it happens all the time! How does one know unless they see a giant scar that says someone had to shrimp open a body part in surgery. I’ve had clients from even top facilities not take a medical history prior to training so you the client need to be an advocate for your own health and wellbeing. You have ONE body, and how well will it continue to work if it’s torn down unnecessarily with the wrong movements. Or you know, come see us for personal training! We take full history and ask a bunch of questions! A lengthy process but one so very worth it. #becauseyoureworthit
Step 6
Ever use the free first session upon new sign up membership, you get sweaty, and then sold to only to come in the next day and see the same trainer do the same routine with someone else. Laziness! You’re a person, a very important one and deserve to have a program specially picked just for you! Few exercises may overlap, even still with custom cues and personalized tweaks to each and every movement based on your personal compensations, weaknesses and goals.
Step 7
Each session will be different, not from the standpoint we mentioned above but as a person, week to week. Your trainer should listen to your needs and your body at each session. Trainers always arrive with a program in mind but that program is always subject to change. Week to week you perform different activities, handle different levels of stress, sometimes your body simply isn’t prepared to have that full on session you had just the week prior. Even when you may not see it yourself, it is our job to is protect you, and care for you as our own body. Just as we listen to your needs when you first sign up with us, its ongoing.
I hope you find this helpful! Work your body with a person you can trust! Safe and effective program go hand in hand!