Best Sneakers for Your Custom Exercise

Shoe design varies by brand, changes with design within each brand and changes over time with evolvement of the company. This is a basic guideline that should help point you in the right direction and help your money to be well spent. We’ve also included some of our favorite shopping resources as well!
Walking – Simple design, average sneaker.
Running – Wider in the toes to allow for toe separation while you run.
Minimalist – Thin and flexible sole.
Cross-Trainer – Multiuse, a good blend of walking and running, may have more ache support for lifting weights.
Casual – Limited Support, not designed for exercise.
Trail – Designed for outdoor use, the sole will be rigid for terrain and grip


Brands for the average person that wants a good exercise training shoe. This is not an accurate for specific sports use such as tennis, golf, or cleats.

Don’t Bother

Nike – fashion over function
Puma – no support or function for exercise
Sketchers – cheaply made, memory foam is not useful
Under Armor – most of the lines are not functional, it’s a hit or miss
Merrell – can be a good minimalist option however hit or miss

My favorites

New Balance

Favorite places to buy!

DSW is a great place to see and try on a variety of brands and find your size.
Individual Brand Outlet Stores usually have a decent sale going on!
Amazon once you know your size is a great option for huge variety, prices vary from good deals to overpriced, you just have to look! I have found some of my favorites here on the cheap!
The Clymb is an online site for hiking gear but they have a huge array of sneakers as well. This site can be a hit or miss on price point, but the higher ticket items are usually on designs you don’t find anywhere else.
This link should get you $10 off: