The Egg Shortage? How?/Where?/When?

This is coming from a post I made which you can See In This Article.

It may not seem like much of a problem but has anyone noticed to slow increase in eggs over the last few years. Having lunch with a friend yesterday, I noticed the usual salad bar did not include eggs!:(


Where – Everywhere.

When – over the last several years.

How – I have a theory…. The actual cause was stated in my post. The effect of that was the bird flu. The effect of the bird flu was the shortage. Now I don’t know chicken anatomy and physiology but I have a decent understanding of the human one for which I would expect any living thing to have similarities…

In your guts, you have a balance of Bacteria, Virus and Fungus. Let’s say 33% each is optimal. Whenever these go off balance there is a consequence. Ladies experience this with a yeast infection. It may not be that the person is unclean just that their body was going through a change that threw their levels and pH off whack.

In efforts to mass produce eggs and keep costs down, they started giving the chickens antibiotics so they wouldn’t get sick. But what ended up happening is the chickens balance got off and now got the flu which is a virus. Just the same as humans become susceptible to other illnesses and a weakened immune system when taking antibiotics, perhaps the chickens did as well. Remember any antibiotic anything kills 100% of bacteria, the good and the bad. The good is what helps keep the balance.


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