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Trainer In PINK APP

This a top of the line tracking app and meal planning website. In addition the traditional calculations of Calories and the ratio of Fats:Carbs:Proteins, we can now;

– Calculate Major Vitamins/Minerals.
Find out where your diet is deficient.
Meal Planning, based on the foods you like.
– Get suggestions at any point in the day to
   configure what you need, based on your favorite foods.
Track goals for exercise, water intake and more.
– Receive text message reminders.
Voice command food entrees.(that’s right you can talk to it!)
– Get Straight A’s in your Nutrition!
This become particularly beneficial when wanting to achieve your goals for weight loss. What commonly happens is that while someone is cutting calories, they are also cutting nutrition. We now have a solution to;
– Avoid getting sick from malnutrition
– Avoid feeling lethargic, tired and out of energy
– Plus your body will have no need to “store” the foods you eat in order to sustain itself
This app is not available in the app store but made exclusive for our clients and followers! Come join us, get energy like never before and find out what it feels like to have a body that is nutrient rich!

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Review from Simple Savings for Atlanta Moms

“Last week, I had the opportunity to review a new Fitness and Meal planning App on my iphone that has been created by Alba Hatcher of Trainer in Pink! It is so easy to create your profile, decide upon the type of foods that you have available and meals that you enjoy eating the most to help you get motivated in exercising to lose weight. Before registering, you have the option of watching the Demo to see what the app is currently about. The app is available on both iphone and android networks. What a great way to balance nutrition and your favorite foods both at the same time!  In addition, you gain the opportunity to track your water intake, calculate calories, fat, proteins, exercise, weight, or any custom goal that you want to create. If you don’t eat meat or other food products, you can be specific with your meal plan creation.”

Check out her Blog which is FULL of tips for eating better, planning family meals and saving money while you do it!

Simple Savings for ATL Moms

Meal Plans & Tracker : $9.98 USD – monthlyCommit & Save : $105.00 USD – yearly