September 2017

Every Minute Counts

By | September 8th, 2017|How To, Rehabilitation|

The human body was purposefully designed to be active. Our muscular and skeletal structures were uniquely created to move: to flex, to extend, to rotate. [...]

August 2017

July 2017

13 Tips to Stay Healthy on Your Travels

By | July 23rd, 2017|How To|

I often hear that people that travel find it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is a choice you can make to remain active [...]

June 2017

Don’t Wait For Opportunity – Create It

By | June 7th, 2017|Fitness|

"I'll start Monday..." We've all heard this or even said this when it comes to starting a new exercise or nutritional program. We get caught up [...]

April 2017

Working your CORE – what it is and how to use it

By | April 20th, 2017|Fitness, How To, Videos|

Safe and Effective Crunches

By | April 20th, 2017|Fitness, How To, Videos|

Crutches are one of those exercise that can make you or break you and technique is key to avoiding the latter. Remember, when [...]

How to do a Proper PLANK

By | April 11th, 2017|Fitness, How To, Videos|

January 2017

TIP Tips!! AKA Trainer In PINK Tips!!

By | January 13th, 2017|Fitness, Health, How To|

Look like you know what you’re doing at the gym. In any weight bearing exercise, make sure to look at your feet first. Your foundation should [...]

No Shower No Problem

By | January 13th, 2017|How To|

Tips to Staying Fresh Post-Workout Note: None of these tips will include to “take it easy” during your sweat session ;) 1) Use a towel [...]

October 2016

LUNGES: A safe exercise? Lets see…

By | October 7th, 2016|Cardio, Fitness, Health, How To, News, Rehabilitation, Uncategorized, Weights|

    98% of the world does lunges wrong.   WHAT?!?!   Alright, be prepared to go geek mode for a second but Keep Reading [...]

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