Benefits of Fiber

Fiber is defined as the structural portion of plants and has many functions within the GI tract which can greatly affect many areas of your health. The average American only consumes 15g of fiber a day. Low fiber intake has been linked to cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, type 2 diabetes and obviously constipation. The recommended intake is 21-38 grams per day depending on your gender.


Fiber is most commonly found in your Complex Carbohydrates. Eating lentils, whole grains, fruits and vegetables will help you reach your desired fiber consumption.  –    Healthy & Delicious!


Fiber binds with excess cholesterol within the intestines which creates and adds bulk to your stool decreasing the “transit” time.  –   Reduce Constipation!


This decrease in transit time allows for the bacteria/fungus/virus ratio to remain regular.   –   Increase Immunity!


Most of your nutrients are absorbed through your small intestines. When you’re “backed up” you cause your body to absorb more than it needs which creates storage of unwanted and unneeded water and fat retention making you bloated and lethargic.   –   More energy!


This decrease in cholesterol and steadying of blood sugar levels is what also decreases your chance of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.   –   Live Longer, Better!


And when your body has a healthy intake(fuel) and exit(waste) it creates the perfect recipe for reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.   –   Lose Weight and Stay There!


Example Sources of Fiber – Grams per Cup

Black Beans – 17

Raw Almonds – 15

Peanuts – 12

Artichoke – 10

Edamame – 8

Raspberries – 8

Sweet Potato – 7

Broccoli – 5

Pear – 5

Blueberries – 4

Carrots – 4

Oatmeal – 4

Apple – 3




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