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People ask me all the time why did you partner with IDLife. So over my years as a trainer I have been approached by every health, wellness, supplements, shakes, bars company you could possibly think of, tenfold. I always said NO, so imagine the surprise when I partnered with IDLife. For years I blew them off, they promised the world and Lord knows they couldn’t deliver, if there was a magic product out there for weight loss, everybody would be skinny right?  They did have one thing in common; all of these companies have a star product. That is one item that outshines all the rest. It is usually their original item because it was the item that was created by passion the item that drove them and had a purpose behind the creation. Then after a while companies seem to realize ‘well this other company sells this, this and that so we better to keep up’. Competing companies start to sell comparing products because that’s what every other company has BUT there is one major issue with this; there is no heart, no drive, no purpose other than money and money to me is a horrible motivator. Perhaps look at it this way; If you were on the market for a printer and a camera, your available options would include Epson, Brother, HP, Canon, Nikon, etc. To keep this simple we’ll pick two. Let’s say HP and Canon both make a camera and both make a printer (they do) which would you buy? HP is known for having a high-quality durable and lasting printers, while Cannon is known for having some of the best cameras on the market. You make your purchase based on reputation of product. IDLife’s first product was the supplements, it was motivated by a doctor whose daughter was diagnosed with cancer and was about to undergo a trial treatment. As a physician he knew what her body was going to endure and in order to have any success he built a supplementation customized and based on the treatment, at the time of treatment, and the changes her body went through. Pretty powerful story right… from this trial she is the only one still living. This product was built entirely on science. Over the years and meeting with companies NOT ONE could give me the science, the how, the why;  the nerd in me never being satisfied. As a consumer I can take a Free Health Assessment, print a report with recommendations to better my health and review the specific scientific studies on why any one product is being recommended to me without ever having to send a dime. IDLife has made the decision to not sacrifice quality to meet a certain price point and that is very important to me. Did you know that most women for instance do not absorb folic acid well, a key to a healthy Pre-Natal vitamin, however, companies still use it because the absorbable Folate costs about 6x more. Honestly why bother if its not going to work? The IDLife assessment takes in your information in real time is HIPAA compliant which means you input diagnosis and medications as to not be recommended a supplement that would be contraindicated aka harmful based on your health history AND it uses Chronobiology for best absorption. No other company does that. Plus, supplements are individually packaged by morning and evening so you never have a dozen bottles sitting on your counter. Its really a no brainer!


Who introduced you to IDLife? We want them to get credit!


Leigh HS

Trainer In PINK Alba