1. Don’t over complicate it. One of our staff members in her own personal and medical history had no choice but to make it simple…she does this… Each day she commits herself to doing ONE thing that is for herself. It could be anything from eating a meal full of nutrients, taking an Epsom salt bath, foam rolling, reading from a self help book and of course the list goes on. So the question is what are things that you can do for yourself that you would also enjoy! Make a list. You may think of more ways than you thought!
  2. Willpower alone, won’t cut it. It’s important that you set yourself up for success! Do this by accepting the fact that we all get busy and sometimes we just don’t feel like it. Therefore, keep simple habits such as keeping a yoga mat in your car, stocking your pantry with healthy items, set a daily alarm on your phone. If your choice gym to exercise is 20 minutes away, find alternatives, or figure a way that your already in the area to make it happen. Anything you can do to make it easier on yourself, go for it and there’s no shame in it because it means it will get done! That’s what’s important!
  3. Make sure it brings you joy! The best motivator, JOY. If you hate running outdoors in 90 degree heat, then an afternoon run session is just madness. If you get bored spending 30 minutes on a cardio machine, skip it, or make it more enjoyable. Personally, i like variety. I get bored when its the same thing over and over. I walk my dog every morning because she needs it. It’s excellent accountability to have someone that so excited every time i put on my shoes. I take different routes to change the scenery and based on how much time i know i have. I make it early enough in the day that my body is not fatigued by the heat. I sometimes run when i know i wont have a less active day ahead or that i wont have time to get something else in. I ride my bike or use cardio equipment when i want to listen to a podcast. I change up body weight exercises, weights and arial yoga and i have a different playlist for each.