You know how they say its 80% diet, 20% exercise and 100% mindset. It is.

Having your goals in mind and believing that you can make it there is most of the battle. The battle of the mind is an incredible thing and it can be used to your benefit or to your failure. Your Choice.

So let’s help you do this!

  1. Turn your “take-aways” into “Add-ons!”

Especially in ones nutrition, in a health journey people tend to feel very restricted. It can become too easy to focus on all the things you CANT have, vs all the things you CAN. So you cant have a row or oreos on a Tuesday night because your boss gave you a new deadline. Guess what, the cookies wont change that! Reroute that stress into something productive. If its that Oreo craving you’re going for, use this as an opportunity to make a new healthy recipe. One that takes care of the fix you’re looking for, without totally derailing you.

  1. Turn “I need to workout” into “I enjoy…”

Some days I’ll be honest, my workouts start with I just need to get this done. But! Once I’ve started its already almost over, AND I’m always proud I did it! Never have I regretted an exercise session. BUT I will say this… Your body is handling different things each day and each day can only take so much so listen to it or you will burn out! Some days I feel like I can push myself for a cardio day (I usually try to get at least one each week). Some days I’m pumped for a leg day, annnnnd some days I’m not. Some days my muscles just need a little more TLC and that’s ok too! So how do I make it through these more difficult days? I stay active by doing something that I enjoy. That leg day that I’m not totally psyched for will include some of my favorite exercises and maybe just one or two of the not so fun ones (those usually make the most difference). Maybe my cardio that day will come from dancing. Maybe my TLC day is not happening on a foam roller but I enjoy using my aerial hammock. There’s always something you can do and find enjoyment out of it!

  1. Turn “I … (gained, cheated, ate bad) so it’s not going to work” into “a blip in the journey” – nothing is a constant, even though we do want consistency.

Consistency is key. You will have days that you had a heavy sodium meal and the scale jumps because of it. You will have days that you didn’t drink enough water and the scale jumps up because of it. You’ll have days you did everything right and the scale jumps up because of it. Did you know heavy exercises will actually plump your muscles? I’ve been known to jump a couple pounds after a leg day but guess what its temporary! What’s not ok is dropping all the good you’ve done to just fall back and have to start all over again. Give yourself some grace for the imperfect days. It will work. You just have to keep taking the steps in the right direction.

  1. Turn “I’ll start tomorrow” into “my next meal has the chance to fuel my body”

This can be seen as a piggyback to number three however for some people it isn’t. It’s time to start thinking that your food is fuel because it is! Your energy levels are reliant on nutrients to your body! Your immune system is reliant on the foods you take in. Everyone loves a morning poop! Guess what that can’t happen without getting some fiber in you! Metabolism, reliant on your food intake. It all matters and plays a part. Use it for good! It’s all for your good!