Can birth control make you gain weight?

The short answer, YES.

Anything that effects your hormones has the ability to directly effect your weight gain and therefore weight loss journey. Now every both control is different. Changing the balance which makes you less likely to get pregnant by changing your ovulation and in turn changing your balance of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

In my experience, having met with many many ladies and tying their birth control to changes in their body, here’s what Ive found.

Again, strictly experience.

Average weight gain with the pill is 5lbs

Average weight gain with the Depo shot is 7-15lbs

Average weight gain with an IUD is 5-10lbs

(This one is also 50/50, on if it messed with emotional health as well.)

Average weight gain with arm insertion is 2-5lbs

When choosing a birth control, it is important to discuss options with your physician. Do not choose your birth control based on the numbers above. This is simply just a tool for you to recognize other ladies experience and perhaps give yourself a goal when starting a birth control. Keep in mind also that changes to hormones can very well affect our cravings. Weight gain may not be from the dose itself but the experience after the dose prescribed. You have control over your journey!