I have had many clients recently ask for my opinion on CBD oil. In recent years it has become all the craze starting with the legalization for the cannabis plant in Colorado and the varying forms available throughout the country. Cannabis is commonly thought to be pot or marijuana with the use of getting a high, however, it goes much deeper than this.
First, let me start by stating I am not an expert in this particular subject by any means. I simply strive to ask the right questions to the right people. How do I know who’s truthful and who’s not is based on their response. Anyone that knows me, knows I love to learn. With learning in this day and age it requires challenging the norm of misinformation, medical claims and downright lies in the health and wellness industry, especially in products. After being sold to on most every product out there, I consider myself to be well versed in finding truth in the answers of those trying to sell.
This particular product can raise flags and question ethics, particularly in the conservative state of Texas. I chose to write on this topic to bust the myths, expose the fakes, give the public the knowledge that they may be too afraid to ask and to do so as a third party with no agenda. I do not sell these products or have anything to gain with sharing this information. I also am a believer that God created everything perfectly and in his image. If we as humans change the original, how can it possibly be as good as and have the same beneficial effect of something that has been changed from its original creation. For example, spinach is grown with the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals for maximum absorption. When you compress vegetables into a capsule or gummy it can not possibly have the same effect. Cooked vegetables different from eating raw. Dry cannabis plant vs fresh vs oil.
CBD oil is known to have positive effects for individuals with pain and inflammation, anxiety and depression, through means of calming areas of response in the body, creating balance, taking the extreme of high energy to low energy, high emotion to low emotion, bringing the two closer together for a less extreme. There are several varieties of the cannabis plant, and different processing can mean different use, some strains for pain and inflammation while others for anxiety and depression. Different varieties of product can also be used with children with ADD, ADHD, Autism, as well as pets.
CBD vs. THC … Hemp vs. Marijuana
Before synthetic medication the pharmacy consisted of plant-based medications. However, what cannabis was known to be 1000 years ago is different than today. Like much of our plant life, including produce or plant-based creations, for example, varying forms of alcohol, what we have today has been adjusted by the people for higher concentration or potency to enhance the effect. This explains how individuals that smoked weed back in the day can get very sick smoking today, its not the same thing. It is important to also remember that as simple as where a plant comes from can change the plant altogether. For example, have you ever smelled different brands of essential oils? Take lavender, for instance, you can take difference brands, all pure, with the same extraction process, smell completely different. Some people like to say that this helps depict the “true” oils from the fakes, but it doesn’t. Change the dirt of which the plant is grown in and the product changes. I highly recommend sniff experiencing oils from Africa. To my nose at least, these oils smell superior to anything from the US or Europe.
In 2014, The Agricultural Act of 2014 aka the Farm Bill was passed by the United States Congress and signed into law by President Obama. While many subjects are included in this bill, one of them included the decision of legal hemp plant vs. illegal marijuana. They are the same bushy plant. The difference comes into the varying levels of THC. THC is what actually makes you high. The difference between legal and illegal is the THC concentration. Dry weight of 0.3 separates hemp plant to marijuana plant.
Is it safe? How do I tell the difference?
CBD oil is as safe as the process in which it is created, same for any natural product. Anybody has the opportunity of negative effects with any product whether natural or not. It is the choice of the individual in who and what product to trust. Here is what I have found…
First of all — Do not be afraid to ask questions, do research and become well versed in the big word terms they’ve created to go with all this.
CBD oil should smell like weed.
CBD oil should taste like the plant, if the oil has been flavored it is within reason to question authenticity.
Growth and extraction methods matter, ask for lists.
Third Party Testing.
There should be different products for different purposes.
What works for some will not work for others.
Cheaper processing options are constantly considered by organizations, if the product stops working, changes or the label changes, it is fair to determine the product itself may not be the same product anymore.
CBD oil is a deep yellowy green, decently dark in color. If it is light in color or even clear, beware.
Find what works for you.
I personally have tried different varieties, mostly topical because I hate the taste and don’t feel I have a direct need for regular ingestion. I’ve never smoked it so can’t give my opinion there. Several months ago, I tried a therapeutic grade topical blend for muscle spasms related to an old injury. Purchased from someone I trusted for quality, paid a lot of money but I had no expectations. Didn’t touch it (muscle spasm). Tried another, still pricey but reasonable. There may be something to it…
All I can really say is if you’re curious, try it on your will. I have found a location to recommend in downtown Frisco. What brought me here was the plentiful excellent reviews, friendly atmosphere and free education courses available to the public. I love a small business that puts others before making a buck! If you decide to pay them a visit, ask for Kelly, and let her know Trainer In PINK sent you to share the small business love!

Artistic Organics
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