Single Serve Guac is perfect for meal planning and portion control! I typically serve with carrots or blue corn tortilla chips!

Wild Salmon is a must! These filets are individually wrapped and pre marinated. On days I just want a quick fix dinner, Ill pop these in the oven along with my choice of vegetables and its done in 30 min or less!

Everyone in my family loves bacon and while I know pre-cooked is not a top choice, its nice to have it ready to go with whatever meal we choose.
Breakfast with eggs, Lunch on a salad, Dinner on a burger, anything with avocado and So on!

Individually wrapped and just a quick pop in the microwave. I have these sometimes at breakfast, more so when I’m craving something sweet but wanting to keep it healthy and stay on track for my goals! Kids love these too!

These are relatively new on the market. It’s a delicious waffle, much like an eggo, but packed with protein! Tablespoon of almond butter on top and you basically have yourself a warm, melting, large cookie.
A half serving is more than enough!

My daughter would eat yogurt fir breakfast, lunch and dinner if I let her! I’m so excited to find a bulk buy combination of flavors that shell eat each one of. Greek yogurt, decently low in sugar as far as Greek yogurts are concerned and extra protein once again!

Monk fruit is a calorie free and low glycemic index sweetener. Typically, Ill use this for baking. Its an easy one to one ratio from regular sugar. No weird after tastes either!

Being honest, this stuff is a little dangerous because of how delicious it is. This works well as a yogurt topping, snack as is, or even a breakfast cereal. Watch you portions with it though!

Chicken salads have become a regular part of my meal prep. I have a few different recipes that I alternate between. It’s a good way to get a good amount of protein, I don’t have to heat it when I’m on the go so it packs well in a lunch box. This made my Costco list because of the difference in price from buying at your regular grocery store. Talk about huge savings!

YES PLEASE!! I wont bake kale in my house because my whole family would complain of the smell. These are already done! So good, not overly slated like others I’ve had. These are just right! The packaging is also as such so it wont be crumbled little pieces by the time you get to it. Just BEWARE, your teeth will be full of specks so check yourself in the mirror before walking into a meeting!

Not everyone likes ghee, some prefer a regular butter… I have to tell you though, the only bread I eat is Daves Whole grain. Theres something about ghee that oulls out the natural nutty flavors of that bread and make it taste even better that butter does not do. Yes its higher in calores but its all good things!

This is meal prep made SUPER easy. I have my regular broccoli “casserole”, in quotations because I think of casseroles as being insanely drenched in creamy stuff that would straight to my butt but my version is healthy and made in a casserole dish! This is ready to go to eat raw with any choice of dip or to steam, bake, use in a recipe. Talk about a time saver! PLUS I’m not paying for the extra weight in the stock that I don’t eat!

Another easy buy. Ill buy these at Costco strictly of the price over the average grocery store!

These are THE BOMB! Lots of flavor!! Individually wrapped. 2 of them go in the microwave and on the go on my busy mom mornings. I’m not even a little bit guilty for having something so yummy!