“I’ll start Monday…” We’ve all heard this or even said this when it comes to starting a new exercise or nutritional program. We get caught up and like the idea of having a “reset” button, whether it be a new week, a new month, or a new year. But why wait until Monday, or until New Years, to create a resolution to enjoy a healthy lifestyle?
Whatever your goals may be, commit yourself to tackling them day by day. Life happens, so even though it is important to have a plan, don’t get overwhelmed by thinking too far ahead. Realistically, you may not know how your day is going to go 6 weeks from now. Make it a priority to focus on today, because the only time you have control over is the present.
Now put it into practice. Substitute parts of your day with healthier options. Instead of telling yourself “today I’m going to binge watch my favorite Netflix show, but TOMORROW I will stay within my nutritional guidelines and spend an hour at the gym…” stop the black or white thinking and instead get into the habit of asking yourself questions like:
“Is how I’m spending my time right now helping me achieve my goals?”
“What have I done today that has benefitted my health and well being?”
“What can I do today that is going to benefit my body and ultimately help me reach my health and fitness goals?”
“How am I going to feel afterwords knowing I have accomplished this?”
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of being sucked into a good Netflix series. And it’s okay to let your body rest when it needs it. But life is all about MODERATION. Do what is SUSTAINABLE for you. If movies make you happy, find a way to do both. Dedicate a certain amount of time to physical activity (because remember getting started is sometimes the hardest part!) and then afterwords, reward yourself with one episode of your favorite show.
Focus on making these small accomplishments one day at a time. I promise you, your body WILL thank you.
-Chelsea Neal, Trainer In PINK