We all know that a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine can decrease your chance of illness, disease and even death. But did you know that certain exercise can have a greater effect than other depending on your individual case. Here is a baseline. Always report change in your dietary and physical activity to your medical provider. They can be an encouragement and guide in the right direction!

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease encompasses many forms, in it includes high blood pressure, artery disease, cardiac arrest, heart failure. What these have in common is the cardiovascular system which include the heart, its vessels and clotting of the blood. Your heart is a muscle which pumps blood to all organs, muscles, and areas of the body which rejuvenate. Blood brings oxygen and nutrients to all areas of your body which are alive. Change in this means that part slowly or quickly dies. So, what can be done to improve this system when it comes to exercise? You guessed it, Cardio! Getting your heart pumping, working. Decreasing the load at which your body must work by decreasing excess fat. Remember the heart is a muscle and just like any muscle in the body, it too can become fatty. Fat has no contractile ability it just sits there and makes everything else required to work harder. This does not mean that you must follow heartrate guidelines. Each person is an individual and it is important to meet your body where its at in creating a progressive routine that will not have negative effects to your body through exercise.


This can be a difficult topic for some. Cancers can be triggered which means a time-bomb waiting to happen, the piece of hay on a camel’s back. There are reports of perfectly healthy individuals who have been diagnosed with various forms of cancer. Its simply what was your body exposed to throughout its lifetime and was your body able to handle it. Cancer is caused by irregular cells which grow and duplicate, often decreasing your immune system by tearing down healthy cells in the process. So, what can you do to try and decrease your chances of cancer? First answer is SUGAR! Sugar is known to act as fuel to cancer, it feeds off it and fuels the cancers duplication process. Next is Antioxidants. Antioxidants attack the free radicals in the body, free radicals are like toxic oxygen which cause oxygen-stress, called oxidative stress, to your body. Consider it part of your detox system. Another huge part of your detox system is your lymphatic system. The lymphatic systems job is to transport and get rid of numerous things. How to boost your lymphatic system? Well unlike your cardiovascular system, your lymphatics system doesn’t have a pump. For the cardiovascular system the pump is the heart. Instead the lymphatic system relies on muscle contraction. That means you need muscle contraction or exercise to move lymphatic fluid throughout your body. You also need new and fresh water in your body constantly to assist with your lymphatic and just about all systems so drink up!

Respiratory Disease

Part of exercise for the respiratory system will come back to the cardiovascular system as the respiratory system is what gives the blood oxygen to take to all the organs and systems of the body. Breathing heavy can be very helpful but more importantly is breathing FULLY. Did you know that most people don’t even know their own personal lung capacity? That’s because they don’t push it or test it. This doesn’t mean that you must engage in vigorous exercise, although you can, it means practicing full breaths. Something of this nature can take place in a yoga type setting. Practicing to increase your personal lung capacity and making sure your body fat is within a healthy range to avoid internal resistance of lung expansion from fat. Stress is another huge part of the respiratory system. Did you ever notice that in times of stress your breaths increase in frequency but decrease in capacity? Good stress management practices can greatly improve your respiratory system and functions.


Sugar intake is normally the first blamed for diabetes, as it would make sense to, but it doesn’t stop there. The pancreas is an organ just like any other. Keeping it functioning and happy is another part of human life. Exercise for diabetes involves a well-rounded program. Light to medium resistance training to flush the lymphatic system and toxins your body will work to eliminating. Controlling and preventing diabetes is not only limiting the amount of high sugar junk foods but all substances that your body recognizes as a sugar; this includes all simple carbs such as bagels, white breads and rice, fruit, and calorie free, sugar free sweeteners. The best opportunity of being proactive on your blood sugar levels is to know and recognize items you eat regularly and what their glycemic index is. Glycemic index is a rating given to food based on how it directly effects blood sugar levels. There is also additional information on calculating glycemic index online. Here is one resource we have found, https://dlife.com/how-to-calculate-glycemic-index-from-food-labels/


If you looked at the chart, then you noticed that the next one on the list was Dementia. I bet you thought I would stop there and not have input. HEHE here we go!
Trainer In PINK once had a client with SEVERE dementia. This man was an extraordinary human being, with an incredible knowledge and career background, however health issues and exposure from the facilities that were designed to make him better contributed to his condition. When completing Reps, we would repeatedly have to remind this client “Keep your arm up – keep your arm up – keep your arm up”, about as frequent as you can make a bubble gum bubble and then pop it. We used the physiology of the human brain in our favor knowing that bi-lateral exercises target certain areas of the brain, while unilateral exercises target others. Within three months our client was able to count 15 reps on his own (he insisted) on one side, and switch sides before we ever had to adjust his form. This is HUGE and living proof that in fact God created our body with the beautiful ability to heal itself, we just gave it a little help. Also keep in mind that certain foods, like the body part of which they are good for! Once again God wins in His creation! Walnuts and other fatty foods make for excellent brain food. Next time you purchase whole walnuts, observe its construction; you’ll notice a left and right hemisphere, what appears as blood vessels, and wavy construction much like the human brain.