Standard training techniques are not for everyone and it’s nice to have a little variety to your workout. Each Trainer specializes in an area of expertise outside of your everyday training to fulfill these needs.
Each of these “Fun Extras” can be an addition to your regular workout and are available as a group or private session.


Taught By Trainer Cindy

Self Defense

Knowledge is power” and you don’t need to know how to make a proper fist in order to protect yourself. Take into consideration our physical attributes in comparison to the average predator.
Self Defense Segments offer basic insight to defend yourself during an unexpected emergency, awareness of surroundings, and knife/gun situations.
Taught by Trainer Alba

Belly Dance

Mix of Middle East, Egyptian Belly Dance & a Modern Dance Fusion. Authentic Arabic & Persian Music as well as some of today’s music.
Improves:- Flexibility – Body Awareness – Coordination – Stress Reduction – Posture – Self-esteem – Balance – Rhythm – Creativity
Taught by Trainer Alba