Refund Policy2019-03-06T18:59:54-06:00

We do not offer guarantee of results on any service nor ask for any form of long-term commitment. Therefore, we do not offer any refunds for services. Sessions purchased MUST be fulfilled within 3 months of the purchased date.

Cancelation Policy2019-03-06T18:59:10-06:00

Clients must inform the trainer or therapist of a cancelation 24 hours prior to allotted scheduled time. Without 24 hours’ notice a client is expected to fulfill 100% of the session payment.

Do you offer package deals?2019-03-06T18:58:40-06:00

Occasionally we will offer small packages incentive deals for new clients. We otherwise do not offer any packages, deals, nor do we make clients sign contracts. For as long as you’re happy with our services we are happy to serve you!

How much does it cost?2019-03-06T18:58:12-06:00

As a mobile business pricing is based on location and scheduling. We also have a number of services with different price points. Having trainers throughout north Dallas allows personal training clients to work with trainers at the lowest price possible to compete with the prices of other fitness facilities in the area while also offering more value. Clients which require additional therapeutic needs require a therapist on site, a different service will change the cost of those sessions. Average in home personal training fees are $75 per session within a 5mile radius. Therapeutic in-home services fees are $125 per session within a 5mile radius.

What exercises will I do?2019-03-06T18:57:36-06:00

Exercise programs are customized to the individual. Our desire is to meet the client where they’re at. Each client has a predetermined idea of what exercise should look like or would like to look like. Exercise should be enjoyable, fun, engaging and fulfilling for the needs and goals of each client. The only exercise I can guarantee for any healthy walking individual is a squat and a lunge. Squat because you use it every time you go to the bathroom, sit for dinner, get up from your work desk; lunge, as it is the most transferable exercise to your everyday life; even a sedentary individual will perform an average of 2000 reps of a lunge per day(walking).

How long is each session?2019-03-06T18:57:05-06:00

Each session is 55 minutes unless otherwise scheduled.

What equipment do I need?2019-03-06T18:56:43-06:00

None! We provide everything!

Where do we meet for training sessions?2019-03-06T18:56:16-06:00

We come to you in the privacy of your own home! Other options include community fitness facility, local park or other available facility or location. The only place we do not train clients are in corporate gyms. Gyms such as Lifetime, Cowboy Fit, and of the like, have trainers on staff they desire members to use.

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