I can’t NOT touch on this.

Over the recent years Fibromyalgia has become a decently common diagnosis among individuals experiencing chronic pain and fatigue symptoms. Per Google, it is estimated that 10 million people in the US alone suffer from Fibromyalgia with 3 million more cases each year. However, Fibromyalgia didn’t exist until 1990. How can it be that we went so many centuries with no need or fulfillment of this diagnosis? Let’s uncover some things!!!
It is believed by some that Fibromyalgia was simply termed under another name many years ago, Fibromyositis. By name, Fibromyositis is the chronic inflammation of muscle tissue fibers. Fibromyositis can be measured. Fibromyalgia is NOT an inflammatory disorder of any connective tissue, those other disorder or diseases have their own diagnostic label. Fibromyalgia is NOT an autoimmune disease like Lupus or Hashimoto’s.

FACT: Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis by exclusion.

This is an important fact to start with as it is the basis for much of the remainder of this article as we uncover possible causes if nothing else, habits which exemplify the symptoms experienced by one with this diagnosis.
In my opinion, Fibromyalgia is NOT a legitimate diagnosis. I say this as pure publicly as I would for my own family. It is my opinion that no person should ever settle for this as a reason, cause or effect for your pain. I am passionate about this because I’ve seen far too many people become completely crippled by this and I’ve also seen many overcome this diagnosis just by paying attention to the physiological changes which take place by different forms of consumption. Forms of consumption can include food and drink, but it also includes thoughts, things you hear or see, environmental surroundings and many more!
When it is known that Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis by exclusion it means when they can’t figure it out and its none of these “other things” then fibromyalgia is what they can get away with on a medical or insurance form.

FACT: Common tender body points are often used as a “diagnosis” for Fibromyalgia.

If you take 20 people and only one has been diagnosed by fibromyalgia the likelihood is that, most, if not all, can find tender points in the EXACT same locations. What do I mean by that? Most people find tender muscle points in their hips from sedentary lifestyles or sitting for long periods throughout the day, such as from working at a desk. Low back pain is common. Most people have tender point around their neck and shoulders either from stressful, fast-paced lifestyles, and/or poor posture habits. If 90% of the population have the same tender muscle points but only a fraction has this diagnosis theirs a huge gap there. Perhaps, that’s not the answer.

FACT: Pain experienced by the individual is real.

Find the source of the problem. Never give up on yourself by settling for pain medication, nerve or otherwise suppressants. They’re a band-aid, not a solution. You deserve more!
What if I have or receive this diagnosis?
You’ll learn something huge about yourself right here. Either you’ll be really excited that you have the opportunity and control to make this better, or you’ll feel unfulfilled with my response because you want to simply make it go away, you don’t want to put in the work, feel that you don’t have the time, or you want a quick fix. (I did promise to always speak as a member of my own family, this includes you, on the other side of this screen)


FACT: Fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves.

What does this mean for the person reading this that themselves or a friend is experiencing the pain and/or fatigue that can be called “fibromyalgia”?
Ask yourself what came first? The pain or fatigue. Because, being in pain is exhausting, not just psychologically but physiologically as well. All your systems will become tired of being in pain. OR did the fatigue come first? Fatigue changes regular habits and mechanics of the body which can lead to pain. This may be a starting to point to place you in the right direction.
What have others done to largely decrease or remove ALL symptoms of Fibromyalgia?
Remove WHITE foods. White sugar, white bread, processed foods from your diet. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Take out any alcohol or added sugars from your diet. MOVE – based on your own pace, you may have to take it each day at a time. Decrease stress. Decrease the time spent in front of screens. TV, Cell phone, computer screens all give off a blue light which can make your nervous system sensitive. Avoid using any electronics within 2 hours of going to sleep.
Make sure you’re getting adequate and quality sleep. Hydrate! Start with these and if you still have a problem, I will personally schedule a free consult with you with a fully completed medical timeline. I cannot diagnose, cure or treat any disease but I Can try to point you in the direction of a medical professional who can!