Less Sugar. Use the chart provided above! If you don’t want to do that or don’t have the other options on hand, try simply using less sugar. You’d be surprised with how much sugar is unnecessary in most recipes.
PSA on Honey
It should not be baked. The extreme heat changes the molecular structure of honey. The the case of Ayurveda, it creates inflammation and toxicity in the body. That same molecular change can change the taste, making it bitter.
Cook Veggies fresh as possible without the casserole. Casserole recipes tend to add creams, cheeses and crunchy toppings that take away from the genuine and delicious taste of common veggies like green beans and broccoli AND add a ton of calories. This is the holidays, save your calories for the good stuff. Adjust recipes to be as simple as possible while also being full of flavor.
Whole Grain Pastry Flour
Swap it and you mama wouldn’t even tell the difference. I’ve made the easy swap in most of my home recipes, cookies, muffins, etc. Whole grain flour is known to be very heavy and dense, pastry flour is thin and has the same consistency and ALMOST same in color(slightly darker). I recommend Bob’s Red Mill.
Look for recipes with the alternatives already built in. Applesauce as a sweetener. Yogurt instead of sour cream. Evaporated milk instead of heavy cream. Paleo or Keto versions of your favorites. Check out our Pinterest page for some inspiration.
We have an excellent nutrition coach on staff and she gave me the green light on this this year! Pumpkin pie is the healthiest dessert option on the holiday menu. I hear you saying “SCORE!!” Just make sure that the pumpkin pie is made with purée and not filling, using evaporated milk instead of heavy cream you can’t tell I promise. 😉
TIP Tips and Tricks

  • Choose your cheat eat days ahead of time.
  • Commit to only have one starch item on your plate. If you have rolls than no potatoes, if you have potatoes then no corn, which is your favorite?! Choose wisely!
  • Workout beforehand. Eat all that great food while you metabolism is revved up! Within an hour after your sweat session.
  • Go for a soft walk afterwards! Nothing worse than it all sitting heavy on you.
  • Don’t wear your sweatpants to the table. Wear jeans and just undo the top bottom when the time comes. Lol
  • Limit your alcohol consumption. Your body will likely already be in shock with the jump in calorie intake, it doesnt need the sugar jump as well.
  • Use smaller plates. Studies prove you eat less with a smaller plate!
  • Moderation. Everyone KNOWS that but need the reminder.
  • Give yourself from grace.