A finisher is exactly what it sounds like: FINISH-HER!
It’s that last stretch, that last burst of high intensity cardio right before the end of the workout or exercise program. Adding a FinisHER to the end of your workout will give your heart rate the sky rocket we all dread at first but are later so glad that we did.
“FinisHER” is just a name. It can be anything high intensity and short duration that would push your body to fatigue. However, I like my FinisHER as EMOM which stands for Every-Minute-On-The-Minute. EMOM is when you choose a number of exercises(I usually pick 3) and go for a total of 5 minutes. -Feel free to UP those exercises and time;) The person being “FinisHed” does those three exercises for lets say 10 reps. It MUST be completed in that 1 minute, with any remaining time being your rest. Once the next minute starts, the exercises restart from the beginning.
For Example:

  1. Jump Squats
  2. Lateral Raises
  3. Mountain Climbers

The FinisHee does 10 of each exercise back to back(no rest between exercises). If it takes the full minute to complete, you must immediately restart from the top! If it takes 40 seconds, well then you have 20 seconds of rest before restarting.
In any FinisHER time and speed is beneficial for your rest period. Of course, with Trainer In PINK if its not done right-it doesn’t count. Remember not to sacrifice technique for a number. Be safe & Have Fun!
-Cierra, Trainer In PINK
Little Elm, Prosper, Frisco, 380 Corridor