There’s a first time for everything and you always want to be prepared! Our clients love the convenience of working with a Trainer In PINK. There’re a few things to have ready to go.

1. Trust the process

Book your first session with your personal trainer after you’ve completed your consultation. It’s rare but it’s happened, that someone is surprised we have a medical process which takes place prior to your first session. I can only assume because not all companies require this. The consultation process is in place for your safety and enjoyment. We want to know what you like don’t like, what exercises are going to be appropriate for you, and how we can best motivate you dependent on your goals! We also have the Ortho-Kinetics Assessment available; you can ask if you’re a candidate and how it would best serve you and your health journey.

2. Scheduling

Whether via phone or email confirmation. This method works best in every setting, whether meeting your trainer at a community gym or in the privacy of your own home. The last thing you want is miscommunication. Stick to the date. We promise to take good care of you and treat you as we would our own family. Whether you need to rip the band aid or your simply used to other commitments taking priority, don’t let this happen to you. Remember, you’re going to feel great afterwards, its an accomplishment, you can’t take care of others without first taking care of yourself, a year from now you’ll be wishing you had started sooner!

3. Know where everything is

A trainers first session with you is a tester session. We want to know where your limits are and get familiarized with how your body moves. We often times do not use any form of external resistance on your first session. However, if you own equipment, we want to know what you have, because those items are available at any time to you and offer more opportunity for self-practice. We also want to inspect any equipment you own for safety reasons.

4. What to wear

For a consultation, come in your normal clothes. From this point forward well only get to see you in workout gear, its nice to see who you are on an average day! For an Ortho-Kinetics Assessment, you’ll want to be in slightly fitted clothes, no socks or shoes necessary. For your first training session, you’ll want to be in comfortable workout clothes. You don’t need to buy anything new; it can be an old t-shirt and sweat worthy shorts. For variety and function, most clients prefer a high waisted fitted legging and t-shirt or tank top. Ladies are welcome to wear leggings with just a sports bra for top, (it’s just us girls, it has been shown to increase results around the waist. Your comfort level comes first! Sneakers should be athletic wear. Though they seem to be decreasing in popularity, do not use “Shape Up” shoes for exercise. (It’s the shoe with a circular bottom that claimed to give you a perky booty. It doesn’t work.)
These are what we recommend!

5. What to eat

Something Small. And limit fluids directly before your exercise programs. It doesn’t feel good to have food sitting heavy on your stomach during a sweat session, nor water sloshing around as your trying to do exercises. If you’re having a morning workout, it is possible to get away with an empty stomach but not for your first session, try that out later. A piece of toast with your choice topping. A banana. A yogurt with fruit and granola. Egg and a piece of bacon. A shake.
Things we don’t recommend: Anything with peanut butter. A protein bar. Something you’ve never had before. Heavy on the Onion or Garlic

6. Have a water bottle

Its best to be well hydrated prior to your session. If you find yourself thirsty throughout the day or getting the munchies at night, notice that your skin is very dry, frequent headaches(1x/week), these are all signs of dehydration. Plan on drinking lots of water as a habit. Its good for you and every one of our trainers are going to ask!

7. Bring yourself

Come ready to work. Some sessions will have more venting time than others and that’s ok as long as you keep moving. Some sessions will require more alternatives than others, such as a low back you tweaked earlier in the week vacuuming or a shoulder that you overused while playing tennis. You keep going. Let us know what occurred prior to your scheduled session time if able. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the necessary adjustments! If anything is bothersome during your session, let us know!

8. Just ask

Never be afraid to ask questions prior, during or after any of your sessions. That’s what we are here for! You should know the ins and outs when it comes to your health and your journey. This is a customized experience. Get the most out of it that you possibly can!