Exercise, Massage, and Chiropractic are the perfect balance of care for your body. You may have recently noticed more and more wellness clinics popping up with this exact idea in mind. However, there is a specific ratio that these are best to be played out. 1:1:1 is not the answer, nor could I give you the exact formula without your medical history, but here’s a baseline! Exercise should be something you participate in daily and will vary from vigorous to mild. Massage is dependent on the individual’s activity level.
For the average person a happy body loves to receive massage no less than once a month. Verses someone preparing for sports events in vigorous training would receive a massage once a week. The chiropractor is one you should see only when you need him or her. I have worked closely with chiropractors since the conception of Trainer In PINK, over the last decade. I have many chiropractors that I absolutely LOVE, I also have chiropractors that I love as people but don’t refer to them for patient maintenance based on their business model and here’s why…
There’s nothing that bothers me more than a chiropractor that has a 12-24-36 month treatment plan.

  • There’s nothing custom about a laid-out plan of 3x per week for ## months, 2x per week for ## months and 1x per week for ## months. That’s a business plan for them, not a wellness plan for you.
  • There’s no way to outline exactly how your body will respond to treatment. There is no doubt a chiropractor is educated in their art and estimations of improvement. Likewise, it would be no different than a person looking to lose weight and trying to figure how long it would take to achieve a desired weight. It is completely dependent on the commitment of the person, motivation, emotional frame of mind, food consumption, water consumption, activity level, joined with medical history, stress management, season of life, the list can go on and on, every variable makes a difference. A chiropractic adjustment takes seconds and without muscle involvement, that adjustment can change right back to where it was before you make it to the parking lot. Therefore, making it near impossible to estimate, especially months in advance.
  • The more you manipulate bones, the easier they are to move. This is both good and bad. Great for the person that feels stuck and may require multiple visits. However, prolonged frequent visits can make the connective tissue that supports those bones to become lax. Its just physiology. There’s no argument for the functions of physiology. If you go to yoga to participate in passive stretches, at some point your body will adapt to the ability to perform passive stretches.

Let’s get something out in the open. For every variation of doctor, they’re was the one that was the top of the class, and the ones that barely passed, but guess what, they still passed, so yes, still very much a doctor. Which one would you like to have working on you?
Variables of a Chiropractor
Believe it or not X rays are not always a necessity. Of course, it’s ideal to have them, and a necessity if you have a particular issue you are looking to address such as scoliosis. However, your bones create boney landmarks for which by feeling the bones and movement they allow can suit well for a successful adjustment.
Their Own Health
Oh yes! What does their health status look like? Does their health mirror how you’d like your own health to be? No person is perfect of course, but this is an invaluable tool for a chiropractor to be understanding and proactive towards your own health!
Imaging, a record of medical history. Assessment of movements, muscle testing, record of before and after, measured apples to apples. Discussion and record of your physical activity, daily work and responsibilities.
Treatment Plan for You
A regular maintenance plan is always a good idea, so if you’re a person that needs to have it on the schedule each month, in order to not allow your body to fall behind or if you prefer, call as you go. Recent car accident? Depending on the severity would determine how many adjustments are needed. Even a small fender bender can call for 2-10 visits. Remember that when your body is in pain, it means you’ve already had the issue going on for too long and your body has been compromised negatively. Don’t wait based on how long you can “deal with it”, it’s a much longer process to fix than to prevent.
Bedside Manner
Do they take the time to get to know you? Do they know how you spend an average day? How many hours seated at a desk vs physical activity? Do they know what kind of activities you participate in? All of this is incredibly important to your adjustments, how the body responds to them and how it can have a positive impact in the future.
Intuitive Touch
You know… A chiropractor that is sure of themselves without being cocky. A touch that emanates patience. A vibe that is positive with a pure heart desire to help you. Every movement with a purpose. The more specific the adjustment positioning is gold! You have one set of bones, and one spinal cord that can not be replaced. Put it in the best of hands!
Hopefully you found this helpful to find the best chiropractor for your care. If you’d like to contact us we do have a wonderful group of chiropractors throughout the metroplex that we are proud to refer to!