Lunge it. You can perform most upper body exercises bilaterally and unilaterally within a lunge stance. Incorporate more muscle groups and burn more calories with this simple trick. Just make sure you have mastered those exercises individually first as to avoid compensations. 
Super-Set it. This is one of my personal favorites. Combine a resistance based exercise with a similar muscle group or cardio or both. For instance a loaded resistance squat can become a super set when immediately followed by a jump squat series. There really is no limit here, just make sure the exercises make sense for reaching your goals and that you can complete each phase of the super set correctly. Expect the muscle to already be fatigued for the super-set so make sure its an exercise you know how to accomplish well. 
Engage It. The core is your inner unit and most important system of the body. Engaging this should be a given and ALWAYS be a priority but you’d be surprised how often people miss this. A simple squat can turn into a core exercise if engaged correctly. Granted it takes a trained eye to see this engagement take place in all areas of exercise but once you have it trained to muscle memory you’ll never train the same!
In any workout or exercise program you should..
  • Have a predetermined goal or purpose for your program
  • Feel it in the area you are choosing to engage
  • Have fun and be safe!