How to: Prepare Your Space for Your Virtual Session

  1. Make sure you have enough space

We recommend having a 10×10 clutter free space, however, more or less can work. If less, make sure you have easy access with the ability to stand and extend your arms. We recommend a full 360 spin to confirm. Make sure you have a space with the ability to lay down and do the same, extend arms out to your sides without any obstructions.

  1. Good Lighting

We want you to be in a well-lit space for your own safety and we also want to be able to see you! Natural light always works best but is not always available. Use overhead lights and avoid spotlights in front of or behind you as this will actually cause shadows and impair what we see of you.

  1. Easy and adjustable camera angles

Whether you are using your phone, ipad or laptop make sure you have easy access to the cameras stand or prop location. Ideal angle is that which includes your whole body, however, we realize that is not always possible and there are times that we may ask to see something from a closer view. Be sure you have something at floor height and counter height for easy and quick adjustments.

  1. Have your equipment nearby

We will always do our best to message you prior to your virtual session with a short list of what items you will need for that session. Be prepared and have them nearby. We’d hate to lose time from walks to another room for equipment. A carpeted area or yoga mat are always recommended.

  1. Have the necessary apps downloaded

We have found that the easiest and most universal systems to use are Facetime for Apple to Apple products and Google Meets for cross operating systems. Both are available free of charge as an app or during use. For each we will send you an invitation link, which are SO easy to use even I can do it! There are also ways to connect your tech to your TV screen so you can see us better too!