Were taking these myth busters!!!!!

There’s a video version of this article here! The video does have more information!!

I can’t workout because….

I’m too embarrassed

Where is the ideal location for you to exercise? Let’s regain that confidence and feel comfortable in your own skin! Is it in home? Is it that you need to learn how to do the exercises correctly? Let’s figure that out!

I don’t have time

Mmmmm… liar liar pants on fire! An hour is 4% of your day and guess what? You don’t need a whole hour. 10 minutes at a time. Where can you find just 10 minutes. That’s really all you need to make a difference to your cardiovascular health!

I have arthritis

Arthritis is rust to the joints. Guess what? The best way to get rid of that is through movement. You can make a difference! It’s just a matter of finding the right exercises for you!

I have gout

In the middle of a flare up you may be limited in movement and be in a lot of pain! Focus on the areas of your diet that you can make a difference. You start slow and with gentle progression. In the long run exercise will help your joints to move and regenerate the function and fluid of the joint itself.

I have fibromyalgia

If you don’t use it you lose it. Similar to the ones above, it’s all about finding balance and what is going to work best for you. I’ve seen ladies make the largest difference in fibromyalgia is getting rid of all WHITE things, white sugars, white breads, white flours. This can absolutely make a huge difference in your health and your ability to exercise.

I’m too tired

Once you get started, its easy. Remember just 10 minutes to get started! If at the end of the 10 minutes your body is done, ok sounds good! You may be surprised more often than you think though and you’ll start with the 10 minutes and then feel ready to do more😉 Find what needs to be in place so you can get it done and then get it done!

I hate sweating

I’m gonna say suck it up buttercup! Is it your hair? I understand paying from a blow out and not wanting to mess it up. So, Plan accordingly!

Because its hard on my joints

Perhaps we need to address what those exercises are and perhaps see what changes we can make that create the exercise to be functionally reasonable for your body and your design. There’s ALWAYS adjustments that can be made to have slow and steady progression without causing your body harm.

I get bored

Clearly love, you’re doing the wrong exercise! Find an exercise or activity that you love doing! It could be dance or hiking or even reading and hop on a bike or hello, Netflix! Alternate the fun exercises and the non-fun ones. In my personal leg day for instance, I have certain exercises that I HATE doing. I still do them but ill do 3 exercises I enjoy for that one that I dislike.

I’m not motivated

What is your internal desire? What is your why? Come back to this. Remind yourself of it. Have notes on your mirrors. A why of making a difference for your family or a deep and personal goal. An external goal of a vacation or a wedding is less likely to stick and keep a motivation going vs an internal deep desire to do something.

I hope this helps yall!! No excuses!! You’ve got this!!