Tips to Staying Fresh Post-Workout
Note: None of these tips will include to “take it easy” during your sweat session 😉
1) Use a towel during your workout.
Whether on equipment or just for a quick swipe, an absorbent towel will soak up the moisture, which is helpful if your acne prone skin and reduce odor.
2) Use a Dry Shampoo.
If you have access to a blow dryer, this works even better!
3) Gentle Cleansing Wipes.
Baby wipes work, you can use an antibacterial if you’d like, one of my clients swears by the Grape Scented Boogie Wipes.
4) If you’re Blonde.
In an emergency or if you just prefer it you can use baby powder in place of the dry shampoo. Try it at home first; you need to be a lighter shade for it to work and not look like dandruff. Brunettes(like me) need not apply.
5) Pack your socks first.
Underwear and socks are the most forgotten items to change into. Pack those first because those will otherwise make you feel the least clean. Keep it fresh!

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