Roughly 80% of Americans work an 8hr day behind a desk. This adds up quick in causing discomfort so let’s see what we can do to fix it!

If you’re experiencing lower back pain…

  1. Make sure that your chair is able to go under the desk and that you’re not leaning forward to reach the keyboard. When you lean forward, your low back is what is keeping you from falling forward, it doesn’t take long at all for those muscles to fatigue from that position.
  2. Make sure your chair is set to a proper height. You want your feet to set flat on the floor and properly supported.
  3. Do NOT tuck your feet under your chair. This causes further shortening of your psoas muscle and therefore compression to the lumbar spine. Compression to the lumbar spine is the leading cause of disc bulge and herniations.

If you’re experiencing pain between the shoulders…

  1. Make sure you’re not having to reach for the mouse. I can tell you most of my clients that spend any amount of time behind a desk have a noticeable difference from side to side of an internally rotated position on the right shoulder, as well as pronation to the scapula, and these are both directly caused by the mouse.
  2. Make sure you’re sitting on your sits bones. You should be able to rock your butt side to side and feel the presence of your sits bones, if that area starts to get tender, than you’re likely over extending your lumbar spine.
  3. Keep your core engaged. This does not mean suck it in or not allow a natural belly breath but to be sure that your body is supporting itself, so you are not slouching at your desk.

If you’re experiencing neck pain…

  1. Screen position is key here. Do not use a laptop for long hours. This will force you to look down for hours on end and similar to your back those muscles will fatigue out.
  2. Don’t go into the screen. That forward head position will get you. If you need glasses get them, if you need a screen protector because your eyes are fatiguing, get it! Whatever you need to do to not put your head into the screen causing a forward head position.
  3. Do elevate your screen to be in line with your posture. Ideal is actually to have the middle of the screen straight out in front of you and then up 3-6 inches. This helps to promote other postures mentioned above and minimize bad habits.
  4. AND OF COURSE…Be sure to take frequent breaks. Your glutes being squished for hours on end does not make them happy, it does not promote blood flow and does promote a flat butt and who on earth wants that?!