There is a lot to read below… And for our clients TIME is very valuable. So here’s the simplified version, when something catches your interest feel free to get a more detailed report below!

  • “In Home” means we come to you and bring all the equipment.
  • Meet weight loss goals and the tools to maintain.
  • Comprehensive Assessments means a safe and smart training program.
  • Assistance with Pre/Post Rehabilitation – we love working with doctors!
  • Sports Specific Training.
  • How to save money.

In-Home Personal Training is a great way to receive a 1-on-1 personalized and educational program. We bring the gym to you without the overwhelming equipment or people. We have taken personal training to another level. Most people are impressed with our Consultation, which is really just our chance to learn more about you. Our Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment blows us out of the water in terms of the pool called “the fitness industry” but then we also have an unending passion to see our clients succeed. For which you can read more about in our Bios. Trainer In PINK is a very family oriented environment. As trainers we work together to make your experience life changing, literally. As a client, you not only have one but a Team of trainer in your corner, all of which with different experience and expertise. A Trainer-Client relationship is key to any and all of our successes because their is a very large amount of trust taking place. After all, you only have ONE Body to make your time on earth everything you want it to be. One Body. Lets take really good care of it and push you to do what you never thought would be possible!

Why do clients choose us? Besides offering a service that no other in home training company has duplicated, clients choose us because we fit their needs…

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Weight Loss/Maintenance

The D’s to your success: Desire, Drive, Dedication & Discipline.

We’re Doctor Recommended! The proper combination of a healthy diet and exercise program is the best, most effective way to lose weight and keep it off. This widely doctor recommended remedy is also highly resisted.  Why, because it requires work. We live in a word of instant gratification. Perhaps we forget that the decrease vitality that we may feel did not occur in one day, nor can be fixed the same. Most everyone hits a plateau at some point during their weight loss journey because they haven’t taken the time figure out that secret ingredient that the body misplaced somewhere. Our Consultation, Assessments and our time with you slowly reveals those for which Your Trainer-In-PINK will battle those head on by providing a fun and personally challenging exercise program. Whether you are just getting started or need an extra push we are here for you. Start by scheduling a Consultation, a 1 hour meeting which revolves around You. This will allow for us to efficiently aid you during your journey, to not only possess all four of these traits but turn them into action!

Corrective Exercise

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Figuring out what caused your body to compensate and eventually cause you pain or surgery is just as much a guess as answering that question. Do you carry your child on your left hip as a learned habit or was your body already better positioned to do so? Did your knee require surgery due to a one time injury or is it the likelihood that wear and tear over time caused the injury which lead to the surgery?  Did the car accident really cause the herniated disc, or was the accident the straw(or bale) that broke the camels back?

These are questions we cannot answer, mainly because we haven’t been there to witness every step of the way during your lifetime. What we can tell you are what has or is encouraging the wrong doing of your body and how to essentially fix it. With the combination of our Fitness Consultation and Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment we can map an exercise plan and program to alleviate pain, better range of motion and overall improve your quality of life. A corrective exercise program takes into consideration all deviations and imbalances of your body with the intent to bring it back to anatomical design. We implement this into your fitness goals.

Our Inner Monologue – Is this exercise going to give you pretty shoulders?…. Why yes it is, that was after all one of your goals. While we are saying.. This meets your goals but also corrects an imbalance in your upper-back and postural muscles that will likely reduce your chances of your neck hurting at work until you reach retirement AND if you happen to be rear-ended and suffer from a whiplash effect the chance of your muscles to have a faster and proper healing process has increased because we are making sure those muscles are working properly, receiving messages from your nervous system and proper blood flow which is the key to any healing.

We are making sure to address your goals, as any trainer would, but, not only what is going to be your instant gratification now but what will make the difference in your life 20 years from now.


We Compliment Your Current Treatment

We love working with doctors! For some that might sound backwards. After all their has always been a great divide between the medical community and the fitness community. Our goal and the Ortho-Kinetics tagline is “Bridging the Gap between Rehab and Fitness”. If you’ve ever been to physical therapy, then you understand the importance of that bridge. Now, we in no way replace the role of your physical therapist! We work with them!

For a Physical Therapist –

  • We break down the exercises your therapist is wanting you to achieve.
  • We give you exercises that encourage and improve the quality of those movements.
  • We balance your body with implementing those exercises on Both sides of your body – if needed.
  • We use your WHOLE BODY to help you get more results during the time allotted for physical therapy.
  • We continue your exercises and improvement after you’ve been released and will keep your doctors and therapists up to date.

For a Chiropractor –

  • We review reports involving your X-rays, MRIs, and doctors findings with your authorization.
  • Keep up to date on the treatment you are receiving.
  • Implement exercises and/or stretches to encourage the HOLD of your adjustments.
  • We balance your body with implementing exercises on Both sides of your body – when needed.
  • We use your WHOLE BODY to help you get more results.
  • We Recommend bodywork when needed. This is usually encouraged by your doctor.
  • Keep them up to date on your progress

We are working together to get your body out of pain and into your definition of optimal health.

 Sports Specific Training

All sports, yes all, enforce a consistent motion or movement that is emphasized to one side. Injuries are unfortunate and can create a major risk to a future or even participation in that sport. Our goal is to balance you out while improving your desired achievements. Most athletes see a physical therapist at some point during their career. Our goal is to work with you to avoid such happenings, however, we have great referrals to doctors and therapists.Sports Specific Training can improve performance, decrease potential injury, and elongate a desired career. We also address any previous injuries to develop and strengthen said injury back to its full potential with the desired assistance of your physician and physical therapist.

We have trainers of all different backgrounds and can implement their area of expertise with each client.

Semi-Private Option

Of course in the long run Personal Training is actually a HUGE money saver. Think of all those medications, doctors visits, even surgeries and all the cost that comes attached to that, investing in yourself with a personal trainer, especially a good one, is just a fraction of that. We understand that the upfront cost of training now vs the “have-to” cost later can seem a bit overwhelming SO we offer a relief for that. A Friend, Co-worker, Neighbor, Hairdresser, Everybody has one! Why not use the resources that you already have and save a little money while attaining your goals. A healthy self and a healthy family really aren’t that far when you can Split the cost.

Trainer In PINK is known for being made for women.. There is one exception, and that’s for your loved one.
Husband/Wife Duo – This is a perfect opportunity to spend a little more of precious time together. Commit your family to the health and lifestyle you want!

Consultation & Fitness Assessment
Ortho-Kinetics Assessment & Complete Body Mapping
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