From birth everybody is built differently with the same general origin. As we grow every body becomes susceptible to different things. Perhaps the habit of carrying a child on one side more than the other or an injury that you mentally compensate for. Every event, habit or injuries, big or small, make up your body’s mechanics of what it is today. With the combination of your Fitness Consultation and our Ortho-Kinetics® Assessment we can theorize how your body sits in space and why, by identifying postural deviations, muscular imbalances and limitations of movement. These changes to your body’s intended position or anatomical design are what cause pain, limited range and performance. The purpose of corrective exercise is to address these limitations and improve your quality of life. This is also the beginning of preventative medicine and just one part of what we Trainer In PINK call Complete Body Mapping.
Sample of an actual clients report.


With Ortho-Kinetics® Trainers and Therapists you will appreciate the depth of their knowledge, the scope of their training, their attention to detail and consistent dedication towards providing you with exemplary service.With more hours committed to expanding their knowledge base than any other certification in the industry, they prove the dedication to their craft.
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