Learning to listen to your body is a beautiful aspect of fitness, and an amazing act of self love when you learn to identify and address any modifications you need to make to your nutrition and/or training program to increase your overall health. Make sure your trainer is aware if you are experiencing any changes in your energy levels or mood, or if you are experiencing unusual and persistent fatigue, muscle soreness, or weakness so they can help you make proper adjustments.
Over time, you will realize that your body tells you EXACTLY what it needs! If you have had a busy week at work, home, training, and everything else going on in your life, your body will let you know that it needs some rest! Once you learn the signs, no matter how subtle, you will feel more in tune with your body – and your body will reward you! 

Remember – taking a rest day when necessary is a SUCCESS, not a failure! It means you recognized and acknowledged your body’s needs and made the decision to do what would most benefit your physical and mental health…That’s a win! So take it easy when you need to. Make modifications if you need to. Then, when your body is properly fueled and rested, get right back after it!!!