The health and wellness industry is a 52 BILLION PER YEAR industry. That is HUGE! Oh and that’s just in the US.

From that, an estimated 70% of that money goes right down the drain because the intent and incorrect focus of losing weight doesn’t work.

Now obviously weight loss is not the only goal people strive for, not the only way to being healthy. Which is why it’s only an estimated 70%. I’m a firm believer that weight loss comes as a side effect to being healthy!

Up to 95% of people that go on a “diet” to lose weight gain the weight back.

So, the big question is why? Why do people year after year start over, play yoyo with their body? And how on earth are we spending that much money year after year? Because Afterall, if people are ACTUALLY getting healthy, then wouldn’t that $Dollar amount decrease each year? Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen because the same people are spending that money each year.

There are about 1,000 MLM companies in the US in the industry of health and wellness. About 30 billion dollars of that 52 is spent in the top 5 companies.

So how can we look at a worthy way of spending our hard-earned dollars?

What items are worth getting vs not? Let’s talk about it!

A cleanse.

Not worth it.

My personal form of cleanse and that I recommend for my clients is actually a 24hr fast, just water. What this does is allow your body and organs a reset. It’s a short period of time and gets it done. There are other cleanses that can be beneficial that you can do with food items and a blender or supermarket items that you can use that actually come close to replicating what companies charge big money for. <$5 at the grocery store, or $50+. “But what about what it costs to pay a person such as yourself Alba to gain this information??” Well for that, information is power! Once I tell you once, you now have the value of that information to use for future! Knowledge is always worth the money because you can come to your own conclusions!

A multivitamin.

Absolutely worth it!

A quality multivitamin or regimen is going to cost $50-100 a month. Every person has different needs in difference seasons and stages of life and those varying areas will determine the monthly cost of supplementation. I once saw an x ray of a person’s abdomen that took One-a-days every day for 7 years. The image was disgusting as you see the whole pill in their bowels, sprinkled, line by line of their intestines. A months-worth of vitamins, undigested, and still WHOLE. That’s just money down the toilet, literally!

Protein Shakes


Premade protein shakes are convenient, but you’ll always spend more money on them, so if you can be consistent with making your own instead of reaching for that no-so-good option you’ll save money there. Now you do NOT want to buy the cheapest protein shake, there’s a reason it’s cheap. Full of chemicals and fillers that will eat at the lining of the most important parts of your body which is responsible for absorbing your nutrients. There are quality protein shakes that can be found at food stores like Sprouts, or Amazon. Even Costco is known to have some decent options. Keep in mind that when you pay an MLM for any item, there’s a line of who gets paid from the money you spend before it comes down to the actual formulation of the product. The friend you buy it from, the corporation, the front space, (MLMs always have nice distribution centers that their associates can come to and give tours of for selling their products and selling the people to sell those products, however the product is not MADE at the distribution centers), then the amount spent on the creation of your product itself. For obvious reasons we want the value and majority or our money going towards the quality of product, not all the hands it touches along the way.

I hope yall find thing helpful and remember you can always email for questions!