One in 5 adults experience pain that comes back.
87% of young athletes have a reoccurring injury.

What is the difference? 

Kids are fearless and will keep pushing with the encouragement of coaches, pressure to be what they think will make them great, the family side coach or against family advice. 
Adults tend to stop and not do anything when they get injured which is the other end of the extreme. Halting all activity is sometimes necessary for proper healing for a period of time, however prolonged “rest” leads to atrophy of muscle tissue and weakness which also increases injury risk. 
How can you find the happy median where you can heal after an injury and continue with your previously active life or move forward in an even more active lifestyle than you were living previously? 

*Proper Re-Training*

The injury usually is found in repetitive motions. This is true for both sports and sedentary lifestyles within what we call “routine”. Sports such as gymnastics, golf, soccer, baseball, are excellent examples of repetitive motions. Gymnastic stars typically perform twists, spins and flips into one direction and at extreme ranges of motion. Golfers swing left or right and repeat, repeat, repeat to perfect such form. Soccer consists of predominately running, a very linear motion, performed with intermittent bursts of side movement and footwork. Baseball, you throw with one arm, and similar to golf, swing that bat to one side. With those examples you can guess where a sedentary lifestyle gets its imbalance from prolonged periods of time seated, long, stretched and squished glutes, followed by, short, tight and underworked hip flexors and the periodic poor posture practices with kyphotic curves and forward head positions. 
Injuries of this manner require very specific balance and strengthening techniques. It is very easy to perpetually strengthen what is already strong and weaken what is already weak. The number one mistake in injury rehab is letting the pain go away and then jumping back into it without the proper bridging to the gaps which caused the injury to begin with. 


Young athletes are an incredible being. In my own experience they will do whatever is asked of them to make themselves perform better. This is wonderful as a rehabilitation expert, I can trust in their efforts to do what needs to be done in preventing injury from happening again. Why, because if they are injured they cant play, if they cant play they lose status in their team, opportunities for scholarships and possibly losing opportunities for higher level athletics. This is bad because a coach that pushes, isn’t properly trained or simply cares more about numbers than the team that performs those numbers leads to overuse, avoidable decisions leading to negative outcomes and a hurting young man/woman both physically and emotionally. Help you’re young athletes by encouraging them in a healing process that will prolong their hobby or career. Trainer In PINK is available for yourself or your young athlete to encourage a healthy recovery and preventative maintenance. It’s an honor to be a part of your life journey!