“I have been a client of Alba Hatcher, aka ‘Trainer In PINK’ for 4 months during which time she and her team have met with me on average of once a week.
After an almost fatal car accident, a year of chemo, several surgeries, a stroke and tons of steroids, my body continued to “crumble” from the inside out. Therefore, I have been on pain medication for YEARS due to advanced degeneration of the bones throughout my entire body. I have large bone spurs, no cartilage in either hip or shoulder and one leg is significantly shorter as a result of the accident. In addition to medication, I have had injections, implants, loads of physical therapy, chiro, even subscribed to radical “exercise” programs, all in effort to obtain a modicum of relief. It wasn’t until I met Alba…truly,,,that my life changed.
Though my doctors have been AMAZING…Alba has, and continues to manipulate muscles I didn’t realize I have – resulting in balance and renewed strength. Now I am almost completely off medication and my pain level is SIGNIFICANTLY reduced.
Working with Alba enables me to re-engage life physically! Yes, I have my days but they are filled with the knowledge that the pain is temporary!
I HIGHLY recommend Alba and Trainer In PINK.”


–   G. Hughes

“I had a very specific goal when I started training with Cindy from Trainer In Pink.  Work out while rehabbing my knee so I could work out without knee pain.  My knee no longer hurts during workouts and I’m able to give 100% without the worry of pain.  My core is the strongest it’s ever been and I see a lot more definition in my upper body.  You would never find this level of personal attention anywhere else.  Between Alba and Cindy, they know my strengths and weaknesses of my body and what I need to do to get the most out of my workout.  I have really enjoyed working with them and would highly recommend them!”
–   Lisa

“We have been working out with our Trainer in Pink for about 10 months now.  Alba is TERRIFFIC.  My goal was to lose weight and get in shape,  My husband’s goal was to improve his overall health after 2 hip replacements.   I have lost 35 lbs. without much suffering (a few stiff days but that was expected) and Steven is now able to walk without a cane.”
This week I put on a Christmas shirt I purchased last year and it was TIGHT on Christmas day when I wore it.   This shirt is literally falling off of me with at least 6 inches to spare around my middle.    Alba can provide my measurements anonymously from when we started and when we last measured,  I never wrote them down.. but I know that I have dropped from a size 20W+ (they were tight)  to a very comfortable 18 and probably a 16 in “good” brands.
Steve has added inches to his leg muscles which he seriously needed, and can finally stand up straight again.
Not too bad for a couple of 60ish adults.   THANK YOU ALBA
–   Kathie & Steve

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“What can I say about Alba?  She saved my life!  When I came on board with Alba, I was recovering from a variety of issues, including a bout with cancer.  Although I didn’t have to undergo chemo, I was trying to regain control of my body, become more positive and feel alive again.  She was not only non-judgmental in my attitude, she accepted me where I was and encouraged me to be me. Prior to meeting Alba, I had checked into working with other trainers.  Honestly, my apprehension was that they wouldn’t be sensitive to my situation and that I would be judged for my weight gain and my emotional and mental condition.   I didn’t feel as though I should proceed with any of them…and there was a reason….Because Alba was MY trainer!”
After a few months of training, we weighed and measured.  I lost 21 lbs, decreased overall by 10 3/4 inches!  I had no idea all of this had taken place in this short amount of time.  It didn’t take 6 months or more!  And we were only meeting twice a week.  This was awesome!
I am still training with Alba and she is still putting up with me!  She tolerates my severe mood swings and sensitivities, as I am now going through pre-menopause probably brought on by the cancer.  Poor Alba. My body feels weak and tired and I feel I cannot move on certain days, but she sticks by me.  She is tough but isn’t insensitive to my needs.  She encourages me and is ALWAYS loving and kind.
I know this may be too emotional for those of you reading this, but for me, Alba is a special individual, with a unique ability to stay objective, be thoughtful and take you to your best. She is the epitome of excellence, knows what you need and strives for you to do your best. Oh the Places You Will Go (Dr Seuss) with Alba!”
–   Trish

“I have been working with Trainer in Pink for three years now.  She is able to get me to push beyond the “I can’t…” mentality to the “I can…” mentality. She makes exercise fun. If I’m not laughing during the workout, I can be assured that I’m not working hard enough. She focuses on what is good for you and demonstrates the exercises she wants you to do, then does them WITH you so that you have a buddy  to work with.
You can work out in an individual session or in classes with other people and she only works with women.
I can’t rave about her enough.  She’s a tough taskmaster, but gives you a high-five and a hug at the end of the workout.  You definitely can’t go wrong, working with her.”
–   Meg

“Alba is an energetic, enthusiastic trainer with your best interest in mind and at heart.   She tailor makes your fitness program for you.  No cookie cutter impersonal routines from her.  You will enjoy feeling fit, seeing changing in your physique, mood, stamina.”
–   Carole

“Alba is an awesome trainer with detailed knowledge of fitness. She has an upbeat attitude and plenty of positive energy to pass along to her clients. Trainer in Pink does a great job for a very reasonable fee.”
–   Laura

“I am definitely recommending your personal training services to everyone I know…so sore today! Thanks for your help!”
–   Stacey