First, let me say your consults are essentially free. We charge for the initial consult but then credit that back towards your first session/assessment. We do that because we love being a part of your journey at whatever level that may be!

A consultation is your opportunity to see if you feel we would be a good fit for you, and it is our opportunity to get to know you more! Our consult paperwork is a small packet, sometimes people are surprised by this but it is simply because the human body is complex, you’re an individual and we want to make sure your programs for all nutrition, exercise, corrective exercise, rehabilitation that it’s all customized to fit your individual needs.

Expect to see lots of medical data. We want to know your medical history. What are potential risks, medically, what are things we need to watch for, medications you are taking because supplementation and exercise can have an effect on these things.

We’ll want to see any X-rays and MRI reports that are relevant to the work well be doing.

A detailed history of your previous injuries and/or car accidents. This is something we do for everyone from people that are weeks post-surgery to personal training. Your body too has patterns. This tool leaps us to connect the dots of your previous injuries. Many times, we can connect one injury leading to the next and how and why that may have occurred. The more information, the better!

We’ll ask about your mental and emotional health. Health is full circle and your mindsets about different areas of your life, matters.

We’ll learn about your regular eating habits, “when you’re being good” vs when you’re being bad”(a common mindset we work on)

What you do to relax

We’ll ask you about your previous exercise experiences. What are things that you’ve tried, what did you like, what did you not like, so we can get an idea of what type of exercise is going to work best for you.

Oh, what is some conflicting information have you received about health that you would like cleared up. This is always a good one! It’s usually settling some form of fear.

And then of course we want to know how you best like to receive feedback, encouragement and tracking your progress!

After all, that’s what we’re here for to never be the same again and become the best version of yourself!