Alba’s journey has embodied the pathway of her life purpose. Growing up in martial arts she obtained a 3rd-degree black belt, taught for six years; was a professional belly dancer, choreographer, and performer with renowned artists from eastern countries.
Following many commitments and found fame, for a few years she observed herself overweight, unhappy and un-empowered like many women experience in life. Alba started teaching dance at an all-women’s gym obtaining a leadership position. Every day she had new and frequent visiting women asking questions regarding fitness and overall wellbeing. In efforts to have answers she took a personal training course at The Cooper Institute while beginning her own personal journey; losing 65 pounds, keeping it off, continuing to educate herself, while surrounded by the best the fitness industry has to offer. She became a biomechanics specialist finding her passion for rehabilitation and corrective exercise. After completing the prestigious Ortho-Kinetics® course she was provided with the skills to find imbalances, looking at the human body as a work of art, created by God in all its natural healing beauty.
She took this belief as she became a Licensed Bodywork Therapist in Texas, and now uses a combination of manual therapy and corrective exercise to help alleviate pain associated with previous injuries, surgeries, and habitual causes. Alba has been able to help hundreds by believing each person was placed on this earth for a specific purpose. As a natural born teacher, she continues to share her skill sets with professional trainers and individuals with the mutual desire to make the world a better, happier, healing, and inspirited place.
As a devoted wife and mother of two, Alba serves as an active role in her church and volunteers for various community and nationwide organizations. She is blessed with every opportunity to be a part of someone’s journey and help them achieve what they never thought possible.

“Always always always make time for yourself to recharge your batteries.”

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