Commonly mixed exercises (and some people don’t even realize they are there) are between

  • Yoga
  • Flexibility
  • Mind & Body
  • Rolling
  • Recovery (more recently added)

Yoga – choose this if

  • It’s challenging for you
  • Flow style
  • continuous movement
  • holding non stretching positions


  • Passive/static Stretches
  • Holding simple positions


  • Foam roller my friend!!

Mind & Body

  • Deep breathing
  • Yoga poses that hold for 30-90 seconds


  • I feel this one was added specifically for rest day!

Not every week are you going to feel up to or have the availability for active rest like the options above. I personally would use this on a day something for ME. Whatever that may be. Obviously not one you’d use weekly or maybe even monthly, but its there so you get credit for doing something for you that day and you don’t ruin our amazing ring streak because of it!