I’m with you sister!! One of the most frustrating experiences of having an Apple Watch and having the opportunity to see your heart rate in real time and then…..

  • it grays out
  • you’re not getting credit for this

Well stop right there!

I never want this experience to derail you. I never want the thought of ‘I’m not getting credit so why push that hard’. First of all. You ARE getting the credit whether your watch says so or not.

  • You ARE getting stronger
  • You ARE improving your health
  • You ARE doing something for YOU today

Apple Watch, the first time you select any program comes up with a message that says, “In this type of workout, you earn the calorie equivalent of a brisk walk anytime sensor readings are unavailable.”

Why does my watch do this?

Well, Apple is well away that technology is not perfect AND a good number of its users will have issues with maintain good sensor contact because

  1. A) were sweat

Fix this by quickly unstrapping, wipe the sweat onto a towel or clothing and reattach.

  1. B) its not fit snug

Fix this by tightening the watch. It may require an adjustable strap as many of them stretch slightly over time.

What do you do when you’ve already started your workout and have not received credit on your watch?

Personally when I’ve had a hard workout, HITT for instance, and I don’t get credit for one of the sets, I’ll do another! A little crazy I know. And HOW I make it through that if I’m already working hard I don’t know BUT you do what you can to take it up a notch!!

Hopefully this helps y’all and encourages you to give that extra OMPH in your sessions! Go get it!!